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        15BCA00014X 12 Volt Meter
5 Volt 1 Amp
5 Volt 2.1 Amp USB Connector
1 Way Surround Surface mount only
NEW SEASON - INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS Every year we hope to introduce new and
innovative products. These include quality improvements or the inclusion of new components, materials or desirable functions into an existing product or new product development trends.
277190 Satellite Socket
271051G / 271051B Black Back Box
Angled Socket
To improve mounting on worktop
or wall fixing. Can be fitted either vertical or horizontal.
Available in Bronze or Grey.
5 Volt 1.5 Amp Twin USB Socket
10 Amp fused Spur or 273012C
5 Amp fused Spur
Tel: 01422 376977
271720 Touch dimmer 12v 3.5amp capacity
277250 Surface mounted wireless fast charger. Compatible with all Qi standard devices. 12v 10 Watt.

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