Page 6 - BCA Catalogue - 2021
P. 6

 Wiring Harnesses
Caravan, Motorhome and Horsebox Harnesses 240 VOLT MAINS
     External 230V Inlet
Pre Wired Consumer Unit
White unswitched 230v Socket
Pre Wired Consumer Unit Kit
Link Wire
Dual Stage Charge Assembly
Vehicle Battery
● BC18018- Under 1 Metre or
● BC18025 - Over 1 Metre Depends on distance from battery
Leisure Battery
New Intergrated 230v Socket Detail of back
White switched 230v Socket
Awning Extension
Roof Fan Extension
Heater Extension
12v Lights Extension
Aux Extension
Oven Extension
Fridge Extension
Pump Extension
Permanent 12v Supply Socket
Easy Connect
230v 3 Metre Extension Cable
230v 2 Metre Extension Cable
230v 1 Metre Extension Cable
● Under 1 Metre or
● Over 1 Metre
Enables charging whilst vehicle is moving. NB: May not work on newer versions
Relay Housing + Link Harness

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