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          Dometic CampRoom
Dometic CampRoom creates an additional roofed area, and it's extremely quick and easy to install too. It can be set up by one person without any problems. All windows have zip closures and come standard with mosquito screens, PVC windows and curtains, so the “camp room” can also be used as sleeping space. If you cover the un- derside of the vehicle with a standard supplied skirt you will get a completely waterproof and wind-breaking construction.
Simple and quick installation. Waterproof and wind-breaking awning tent. Simple and quick installation, only 15 – 20 minutes for one person. The front panel simply slides into the lead track of the front rail, the side panels are attached with a clamping profile.
 • Suitable for dometic awnings PW 1000,
PW 1500, PR 2000 and PR 2500 with a length from 3 – 4.5 m and a 2.5 m extension
• Extremely fast and simple mounting – only one person is necessary
• Lightweight
Camp Room Fronts
DA26001 Camp Room Front - 2.6 Metre - For V.W DA30001 Camp Room Front - 3.0 Metre
DA32501 Camp Room Front - 3.25 Metre
DA35001 Camp Room Front - 3.5 Metre
DA37501 Camp Room Front - 3.75 Metre - For Ducato DA40001 Camp Room Front - 4.00 Metre
DA45001 Camp Room Front - 4.50 Metre
• As standard with mosquito net, roll-up PVC windows and curtain
• Special side panels for Fiat Ducato from 07/2006
• Front panel fits both heights
2.00 - 2.29
2.00 - 2.29
2.30 - 2.59
2.60 - 2.89
2.90 - 3.20
     Perfect Wall Room Sides
DA25001 Camp Room Sides for Perfect Wall - Small - EX2M
DA25002 Camp Room Sides for Perfect Wall - Small
DA25011 Camp Room Sides for Perfect Wall - Medium DA25022 Camp Room Sides For Ducato
If you require any sizes not listed please contact our sales office or your local sales representative 13

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