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   The Mini Heki S with fixed ventilation is suited for standard cut-outs (400 x 400 mm). Equipped with blind and flynet it allows adjusting natural lighting and shading as required.
Using the solid handles the little roof-light can be easily opened and placed into one of the five opening positions up to a height of approx. 80 mm.
BG1804– Mini S interior
BG2332– Exterior Frame only *Order Only
Mini Heki S
Part No: SE40180
(roof thickness 23- 42)
Part No: SE40200
(roof thickness 43- 60
Technical Data
Weight 2.9 kg
Cut out 400mm x 400mm Installation area
500mm x 500mm Possible roof thickness 23mm - 60mm
    BG2331– Replacement dome with handles
BG2337– Replacement handles and parts
SE40494 MICRO HEKI Installation Kit 30-31mm
 Micro Heki
Part No: SE40400
Complete with flyscreen,
no ventilation
SE40420 Complete with flyscreen, with ventilation
Dimensions D370mmxH370mmxW408mm 53

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