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Wiring Loom and Harness Design

BCA Group has over 40 years of experience designing custom wiring looms and harnesses for the leisure and automotive industries, making us the perfect partner for your wiring loom design needs.

Employing a Full Design Service

At BCA, we can assist from initial drawings through to the manufacturing and testing of wiring looms and harnesses. The design development process begins with client collaboration, to gather necessary information and better understand the requirements and specifications of the wire harness. 

The majority of all designs are bespoke to meet the client’s individual requirements, so we will work closely with the client at this stage. From here, our design team will work on technical drawings that map out the entirety of the wiring harness with a wiring diagram. This diagram will showcase how the complete, custom harness will look, and will demonstrate consideration for components and materials that are necessary to realise the design.

Our Design Process

Every design is unique to the client; however the process will include similar checkpoints to ensure an effective, efficient wiring loom design:

  • Analysis of requirements and specifications
  • Design concepts creation
  • DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • Control Plan
  • Design review
  • Safety review

This process may change depending on the complexity of the project, but each process results in high quality looms and harnesses that perform their task effectively and safely.

Wiring Loom Design Specialists

Our experienced, expert designers can produce detailed manufacturing drawings for any environment. Founded in 1981, we have over 40 years’ experience in the leisure and automotive industry.

Our specialism lies in the production of electrical systems and electronic products. We employ a full design, build and service backup to our customers, ensuring your wiring looms and harnesses are designed and built to the highest industry standards.

All our wiring harnesses are custom made and manufactured against customer specifications. Each product is designed and produced in keeping with ISO 9001:2015 requirements and undergoes rigorous tests so you can rely on many years of service.