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About Us

At BCA Group we manufacture electronics and electrical systems for the leisure and automotive industry

Based close to the M62 between Leeds and Manchester

BCA Leisure ltd produces wiring systems and electrical components to the Leisure and Automotive industries.

Employing professional staff and automotive machinery, to enable high standards of quality and delivery.

Constantly developing new innovative products and utilising the latest equipment.

BCA works in partnership with its customers in producing bespoke products within the Leisure and automotive sector.

Within the company’s operation it manufactures and supplies

  • 12/24/48 volt electrical systems
  • 230-volt electrical systems
  • Plastic components
  • Control systems
  • Lighting solutions

Employing a full design, build and service backup to its customers.

Founded in 1981 the company is specialised in manufacturing electrical systems and electronic products.

The company occupies numerous, efficient, non-polluting sites within West Yorkshire.

Employing over 150 personnel

BCA is continuing to grow with the latest and most advanced production techniques offered to the automotive industry. The latest technology offers crimp force monitoring to produce quality products at all times.

BCA is a company at the forefront of new designs and technology helms to reduce cost to our customers through improved production techniques and efficiencies.

During the design phase, the company works closely with its customers as the majority of all designs are bespoke to the unique requirements of the client.

BCA works to continually improve quality and in 2011 it achieved ISO 9000:2015 quality standards. BCA has also achieved ISO 1400 status.