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Blue Light Conversion Looms

At BCA Group, we have experience with designing and manufacturing blue light conversion looms, such as ambulance wiring looms, making us the perfect partner for your blue light wiring looms and harnesses.

Blue Light Conversion Looms

When it comes to blue light vehicles, we know that your vehicles need to be responsive so you can get where you need to go efficiently and safely. We have over 40 years’ experience in producing wiring looms and harnesses that provide optimal performance.

Our wiring looms and harnesses provide uniform power usage to make sure your vehicle can carry out all the necessary tasks of moving, stopping and turning, as well as lighting and sound to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of power failure.

Our skilled, experienced team can manufacture bespoke wiring looms for blue light vehicles, such as ambulances, to ensure your vehicle’s electrical components are working properly, can respond to any demands, and withstand all environmental conditions.

Cutting-Edge Design and Technology

BCA Group stays ahead of the curve by continuously investing in training our 150-strong team on the latest production techniques. This dedication to innovation translates into real benefits for our clients. By implementing advanced processes, we optimise efficiency, ultimately reducing your costs.

Our expertise lies in crafting high-quality electronic products and electrical systems specifically designed for the automotive industry. Our large-scale operation allows us to adapt our processes to accommodate any project size. No matter your wiring loom or harness needs, we have the capacity and expertise to deliver.

We work collaboratively to understand your specific requirements and translate them into  custom wiring solutions that perfectly match your needs. Our skilled and experienced workforce ensures the highest standards are met, delivering reliable and efficient performance in your final product.

Expert Guidance, Exceptional Quality

Our team of skilled engineers provides comprehensive support throughout your project, from initial design concepts to rigorous testing. This collaborative approach guarantees wiring looms and harnesses built to endure even the toughest environments.

At BCA, we’re dedicated to optimising your project’s success. We leverage advanced techniques and focus on streamlined processes to deliver highly efficient designs and production methods. 

Certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards, we prioritise meticulous manufacturing practices to ensure the highest quality. We value building strong customer relationships, fostering clear communication, and providing a dedicated team you can rely on for complete satisfaction.