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Car Wiring Looms and Harnesses

At BCA Group, we have been manufacturing car wiring looms and harnesses in the UK for over 40 years. Our operation means we can supply custom looms and harnesses at scale to meet your business needs.

Car Wiring Harness Manufacturer in the UK

BCA Group is a leading manufacturer of wiring looms and harnesses, operating from Yorkshire, UK. Our experienced team can manufacture car wiring harnesses to any specification, ensuring optimal performance of your vehicles.

Cars require many electrical components to support basic operations such as moving, stopping and turning, as well as internal heating, radio and bluetooth etc. Wiring harnesses are essential to keep transmitting power and signal to the entirety of the vehicle in an organised and secure manner, which is where our expertise comes into play.

Utilising our years of experience and skilled workforce, we can design and manufacture car wiring harnesses that are made to improve overall efficiency and provide uniform power usage throughout the vehicle. 

Advanced Production Techniques

We are dedicated to providing innovative designs and technologies to offer our customers reduced costs through improved efficiency. Our 150 strong team receive regular training in the most advanced production techniques to keep us at the forefront of design and technology.

Our expertise in manufacturing electrical systems and electronic products for the automotive industry allows us to deliver wiring looms and harnesses at scale to meet client objectives and specifications.

At BCA Group, our attention to detail and drive for excellence puts us in the perfect position to deliver your business goals while prioritising both efficiency and performance, ensuring the highest standards of manufacturing. 

Bespoke Solutions for Your Business

From the initial drawings, to production and in depth testing, we offer full technical and engineering support to create the perfect car wiring harness for our customers. Only the highest quality products leave our manufacturing base to ensure they are fit for purpose and suited to withstand environmental conditions.

Every stage of the project is overseen and handled by our skilled, experienced workforce so our customers receive the most effective and efficient designs and methods, manufactured to their specific requirements.

We value strong customer relationships. Every product produced by us is manufactured to the highest standards, outlined by our commitment to ISO 9001:2015 requirements, and managed by our dependable team.