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Motorcycle Looms

At BCA Group, we have 40 years’ experience in the automotive industry which makes us experts in designing and producing custom motorcycle wiring looms at scale, to meet your specific requirements.

UK Based Manufacturers of Custom Motorcycle Looms

As one of the leading manufacturers of wiring looms and harnesses in the UK, BCA Group are experts in the conception and production of custom motorcycle wiring looms. Our skilled team can manufacture wiring looms to exacting standards, ensuring the brake, engine, kick and fuel tank etc perform seamlessly.

Our motorcycle looms and harnesses ensure all the electrical wiring is perfectly bundled to ensure maximum performance and a comfortable fit within the motorcycle, and secure your vehicle against the adverse effects of moisture and abrasions.

By connecting the various components into one singular system you will benefit from improved efficiency, avoidance of electrical circuit shorts, uniform power usage and a reduced risk of power crumble.

Design and Technology Innovation

We are at the forefront of design and technology, implemented by our continuous training in the most advanced production techniques. We employ over 150 personnel who are dedicated to delivering reduced costs to our customers through improved efficiencies.

Our specialism lies in the manufacturing of electronic products and electrical systems for the automotive industry. Due to our large scale, we can adapt our processes to meet all customer wiring loom and harness requirements, no matter the size of the operation.

At BCA Group, we work closely with our clients to produce custom wiring looms and harnesses that meet individual requirements even at scale. Our skilled, competent workforce can deliver your business needs to the highest standards.

Custom Made Solutions Delivered

We employ an expert team who can assist from initial drawings, through to manufacturing and the testing of products, underlined by full technical and engineering support. Our wiring looms and harnesses are designed and built to withstand all adverse conditions ensuring they are high quality and fit for purpose.

We are dedicated to ensuring only the most effective, efficient design and production methods are implemented so that you receive high performing looms and harnesses that meet and exceed requirements.

We are committed to manufacturing to the highest standards outlined by ISO 9001:2015 requirements, and strongly value customer relationships to ensure complete satisfaction from our trusted and experienced team.