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Wire Loom and Harness Manufacturers

BCA is a leading wire harness manufacturer. We have been manufacturing wiring looms and harnesses for the leisure and automotive industries since 1981.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Our manufacturing process takes your specifications and our technical designs, and turns them into bespoke wiring looms and harnesses that perfectly meet your business requirements. Employing 150 personnel across our numerous facilities within West Yorkshire, we will deliver controlled scalability to meet demand.

We are continuously investing in the most advanced technology and systems, and regularly training our people, to ensure you are receiving the highest quality products every time. Our manufacturing process utilises the newest, most efficient technologies to ensure we deliver products to exacting deadlines, and at a competitive price. 

Having in-house design and production allows for a seamless handover between teams, so the finished product is made to your exact specifications. We will also test the product rigorously to ensure it is safe, reliable, and ready for use before you receive it.

The Manufacturing Process

We are experts in the manufacturing of wiring looms and harnesses and dedicated to providing excellent solutions for our clients. Our manufacturing process includes:

  • Diligent attention to specifications – the components will depend on the relevant electrical demands, mechanical properties, and environmental conditions.
  • Careful selection of connectors – the connectors correspond with the wire properties for optimal performance.
  • Strategic wire routes – we plan our wire routes while considering things such as voltage, function, and accessibility.
  • Applied protective measures – pre-empting potential issues to avoid power failure and ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Rigorous testing – assessing the harness for electrical integrity and resistance to ensure reliable service.

Our facilities are non-polluting and have achieved ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

Wire Harness Manufacturing Experts

We have over 40 years’ experience in the design, build and testing of wire looms and harnesses, providing expert advice and service to our clients. All our products are produced in line with ISO 9001:2015 regulations.

Our numerous facilities mean that we can handle large scale operations, producing wire looms and harnesses at scale to meet business demands. Every wire harness is manufactured to bespoke specifications to suit the client.

We work closely with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction. Our trusted and dedicated team are on hand to assist from initial drawings and designs, all the way to production and testing.